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Labor costs accounted for a relatively high total cost ratio in traditional labor-intensive industries. Companies must think about how to reduce labor costs or how to complete business transformation successfully, especially after implementation the policy of “one fixed day off and one flexible rest day” which makes the cost of labor has increased a lot. iBox is the new creative service of Chunghwa Post. If the implementation of i smart locker successfully, it will be not only a convenience measures, but also will reduce the cost of mail receive, processing, transporting, delivery and lower dependence on labor.In this study, people who have used iBox service as the target, explores the using intention of iBox service. The questionnaire is sampled according to the location of the current iBox. The questionnaire sent 593 copies, 578 copies were collected. Deducted 141 invalid questionnaires which they have not used iBox service, total of 437 valid questionnaires were collected.In this study, we analyzed the structure of the study by means of sample composition analysis, reliability and validity analysis, and regression analysis. The conclusions of the study are as follows: 1.Easy of Use has a significant positive effect on Perceived Usefulness. 2.Autonomy has a significant positive impact on Perceived Usefulness. 3.Privacy has a significant positive impact on Perceived Usefulness. 4.Desire for Interaction has a significant negative impact on Perceived Usefulness. 5.Perceived Usefulness has a significant positive impact on the using attitude of iBox. 6.Perceived Usefulness has a significant positive impact on the using Intention of iBox. 7.The using attitude of iBox has a significant positive impact on the using Intention of iBox. This study will present conclusions and recommendations based on the results of the study.



認知易用性, 自主性, 注重隱私, 渴望與人互動, 認知有用性, 使用態度, 使用意願, Easy of Use, Autonomy, Privacy, Desire for Interaction, Perceived Usefulness, The using Attitude of iBox, The using Intention of iBox