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本研究以國立台灣師範大學96學年度第一學期選修「環境倫理與永續發展」通識課程之大學部各科系學生為研究對象,希望經由課後問卷、課堂觀察紀錄、學生學習文件蒐集、個別訪談等質性研究方式,瞭解應用「數位學習平台」進行「校園環境議題探索課程模組」教學,平台對於學生在議題探索活動中的學習有何影響。 本研究歸納結論如下: 一、在一學期的「環境倫理與永續發展」通識課程中,授課教師運用師大Bb數位學習平台,以「校園環境議題調查」教學活動進行環境議題課程,在課程中藉由個人自然體驗(經驗學習)、環境議題調查(合作學習、環境調查、資源探索)、公聽會(價值澄清與角色扮演)、環境主題地圖繪製(環境行動規劃)等方式實施環境教育。從學生的學習心得中可見,配合數位平台的設計與運用進行環境教育,的確讓學生掌握了學習的主導權,隨時隨地上網學習,並能運用平台與他人溝通討論,個人經驗在不斷的解構建構過程中,逐漸內化為個別化的環境認知基礎。教學者本身亦受益於平台的協助,不但能將教材以個別元件型態置放於平台,根據課程所需而加以編排組合,同時對於課程中學生回應的學習需求,亦能隨時加以修正,以符合學生適性的自主學習。 二、在教學應用方面,「校園環境議題探索課程活動」與「數位學習平台」二者結合面向為「教學資源」、「學習管理」、「訊息溝通」等三個面向,分別促進學生能自主學習、累積學習、互動學習。 三、在學生學習歷程方面,平台可以達到增進環境認知基礎的效果,並促使學生不斷的主動更新對於環境問題背景知識的認知基礎;平台上提供了學生在實作過程中彼此討論與分享的空間,同時也提供了虛擬的學習空間;平台「互動」特性促進學習社群的建立,增強了學生自主學習動機,提升了學生環境素養的內涵;平台有助於學生記錄自己的學習歷程,不斷的累積學習經驗,也有助於學生彼此在互評過程中,提升探究環境議題深度及評估環境行動的能力。 四、在學生應用平台之學習架構方面,可分成「教材展示」、「知識管理」、「線上學習社群」三個面向說明: (一)教材展示:學生從平台「課程文件」與「網站資料」資料庫接收有關環境變遷的資訊,刺激對於環境變遷的敏感度,並輔助學習探索活動所需的主題概念知識,形成主動建構環境知識的學習架構。 (二)知識管理:學生從平台「課程文件」資料庫中觀摩前人的作品,藉以分析他人對於環境的想法,在平台「討論區」與同儕或師長進行分享,而教師運用平台將學生的調查結果、學習心得分類整理至「作品分享」區,亦協助學生管理其學習歷程,形成累積建構正向環境態度的學習架構。 (三)線上學習社群:學生藉由教師在平台「公佈欄」的學習導引,逐步完成探索活動,並從在主題討論區與同儕、師長共同分享交流心得過程中,形成特定環境議題的線上互動學習社群。
This research is studied ' the open students of every department of college division who know course, as the research object for the first term of year and taken ' environmental ethics and continued development forever with the National Taiwan normal University 96, hope via questionnaire after class, classroom observe, note down and student study the intersection of file and collecting, specific interview quality nature study the way, understand and employ ' several study the platform ' paying ' the environmental topic in the campus explore teaching model organize course ', the platform explores to students in the topic that there is any influence in study in the activity. This research sums up the conclusion as follows: First, develop continuously forever in one term ' environmental ethics ' coherent to know in the course, the teacher uses several of Normal University Bb to study the platform, carry on environmental topic course with teaching activity, experience in course naturally with individual ' The experience is studied) , environmental topic investigated ' Study, environmental the investigations, resources to explore in cooperation) , common to can hear ' Value is clarified with role playing) , environmental subject the mapping 'Environmental action plan) .Wait for the way to implement the environmental education. Pass the imperial examinations and can be seen since studying the heart of students, cooperate with design and application of the digit platform to carry on the environmental education, really let students know the leading right of study, surf the Net to study whenever and wherever possible, can use platform with others ommunicate, discuss, while it is constructed that constant solving is constructed personal experience, turn the cognitive foundation of environment of melting individually gradually. Teaching person also benefits from the assistance of the platform, not only can put the teaching material in the platform with the specific component type attitude by itself, grade the association, the study demand for reacting for the middle school student of course at the same time on the basis that course needs, also can revise at any time, in order to accord with the intersection of student and learning independently getting right. Second, in application of teaching, ' environmental campuses let's last course activity topic ' and ' study several platform ' if you can't combine, face to ' teaching resources ', three orientations such as study managementing, ' information communication ',etc., promote students to study, accumulate and study, interdynamic and study independently separately. Third, study the course in students, the platform can get the result of it is environmental basic in cognition to promote ng, and impel students The constant one is initiative to upgrade the foundation of cognition of background knowledge of the environmental problem; Have offered the space which students discuss and share in doing the course in fact each other on the platform, offered the fictitious study space at the same time; The platform is ' interdynamic ' the characteristic promotes and studies the setting-up of the community, has strengthened student's independent learning motivation, have improved the intension of student's environmental accomplishment; The platform helps students to record one's own study course, study the experience in constant accumulation, contribute to student each other in the course of mutually commenting, improve, probe into environmental the intersection of topic and depth and assess ability that environment takes action. Fourth, employ the intersection of study and structural respect of platform in student, can divide into, ' information management ', ' on-line to study community ' three orientations prove: (1) The teaching material is shown: Students receive the message about environmental changes from the platform ' course file ' and ' website's materials ' database, stimulate it to the sensitivity of environmental changes, and study and explore the theme concept knowledge that the activity needs auxiliarily, form and build the study structure which constructs environmental knowledge voluntarily. (2) Information management: Students view and emulate forefathers' works in the database, use to analyze others' idea to the environment from the platform ' course file ', with of the same generation or teacher go on, share, and teacher use platform investigation result of student, learn gains, classificate to ' works share ' district in platform ' zone of discussion ', assist student manage it, study course also, form, accumulate, build, construct environmental attitude learn structure forward. (3) On-line studies the community: Students guide by the study that the teacher announces the fence in the platform, cause, finish exploring the activity progressively, and while sharing exchanging the course of gains with the teacher of the same generation together on the zone of discussion of theme, the ones that form particular environmental topic are on-line and interdynamic studies the community.
數位學習平台, 環境議題, Digital Learning Platform, Environmental Issue