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Title: 以數學史劇本設計引動教師專業成長之研究
Other Titles: Enhancing Teachers' Professional Development through HPM Script Design
Authors: 蘇意雯
Yi-Wen Su
Jyun-Wei Huang
Ching-Hui Chen
Ming-Yi Lin
Issue Date: Oct-2014
Publisher: 台灣數學教育學會、國立臺灣師範大學數學系共同發行
Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan Normal UniversityTaiwan Association for Mathematics Education
Abstract: 本研究以數學史劇本設計為進路,觀察個案教師在參與過程中之專業發展變化概況。研究團隊有師資培育者、高中數學教師及研究生,參與教師們以組成教師社群的方式進行,在每兩週一次的會議中,針對素材之蒐集、閱讀與統整,以及如何融入於數學史劇本之編寫等議題,進行分享與討論。研究者群為參與觀察者,透過「觀察」、「訪談」、「文本收集」等多元方式,蒐集會議與活動之現場觀察、訪談以及會議記錄、會後回饋單、問卷調查、心得撰寫、數學史劇本等相關研究資料,進行分析與後續研究。研究結果發現如下幾點:1.藉由教師社群的對話,參與教師互相激勵。2.閱讀讓教師認識數學知識之不同風貌。3.影片觀摩與欣賞提供編寫劇本之靈感。4.討論讓劇本創作更精緻。5.專家諮詢與座談會開拓參與教師之視野。透過本研究歷程,參與教師在數學專業知識與數學史知識有所增長,對數學教學知識也能有所反思,並增進了對劇本寫作的瞭解。
A group of teachers were observed for determining how they develop professionally. The study involved the teachers designing scripts based on the history and pedagogy of mathematics (HPM). The research team consisted of a teacher educator, high school math teachers, and graduate students. The teachers participated in discussion sessions held biweekly, shared their experiences on issues such as the collection, perusal, and integration of information and on the addition of this information to the HPM script during script production. The research team comprised participant observers who collected meeting minutes, interviewed the teachers, and analyzed data from post meeting feedback sheets, questionnaires, reports, and HPM-script-related research information. The researchers made the following observations: (1) Through teacher community dialogues, the participating teachers inspired each other. (2) Reading helped the teachers recognize different aspects of mathematics knowledge. (3) Film viewing for appreciation and analysis provided inspiration to write the scripts. (4) Discussion led to the scriptwriting becoming more refined. (5) Counseling and panel discussions broadened the teachers' perspectives. Furthermore, it was found that the participating teachers' knowledge of mathematics and history of mathematics had increased. The teachers could also exchange their mathematics pedagogy knowledge and enhance their understanding of script writing.
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