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Title: 垂直協調---統治與能力之整合性觀點
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學全球經營與策略研究所
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究以整合交易成本理論與能力觀點,探索垂直關係中的協調與統理問題,藉由比較 資產專屬性與廠商專屬性概念之異同,分析統理方式的後續調整與廠商能力建構關係, 以及網絡專屬性的效果。研究分為三個子研究進行,分別使用個案研究、次級資料分析、 和問卷調查等工具。第一年(研究一)發展關係專屬投資多構面構念之量表,區分關係 投資的幅度與資產專用程度。第二年(研究二與研究三)為個案研究,探索統理方式與 能力建構之關係,以及其他可行的統理機制,例如以投資供應網絡與網絡專屬性,來抵 銷或分散交易成本。第三年(研究二與研究三)則整合文獻和前兩年的個案研究及次級 資料分析,發展衡量工具,以量化研究來驗證命題。
We integrate the transaction cost theory and capability based perspective to model the vertical coordination and governance adaptation with transaction partners, the distinction between asset specificity and firm specificity, and its implications on capability building and network specificity in buyer-supplier relationships. We conducted three studies using exploratory case studies, secondary data and survey research methods. First study will develop a scale as we argue that relationship-specific investment as a multidimensional construct which we include the level of investment (commitment) and the degree of non-reployability of asset in terms of user and its usages (flexibility). Secondly, we will study the relationship between post governance adaptation and capability building. We also want to explore the alternative governance mechanism such as diversification of transaction cost and offsetting investment with other suppliers based on the effect of network specificity. Third, we will combine the findings of case studies and existing theories to develop a research model and conduct a survey research.
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