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Title: 臺灣電影發行商能力建構途徑與美商合作關係之研究
Capability Building of Local Film Distributors in Taiwan and Their Cooperation with Hollywood Majors
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學全球經營與策略研究所
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2012
Abstract: 本研究藉由台灣電影發行商的發展歷程探索電影發行商能力建構途徑,並分析與美商合作發行對其能力建構之影響。為了解台灣發行商之能力是否藉由與美商之合作而造成能力增長的情形,本研究先從鉅觀角度介紹電影產業結構與發行之重要性,其次討論台灣電影發行商之類型,最後以探索性個案研究與次級資料分析驗證廠商合作模式與組織能力之間的關係。
To understand the capability building of Taiwanese local film distributors, we studied their cooperative relationships with Hollywood majors and its influence. We explored the structure of the value chain for the Taiwanese film industry. In addition, we examined the typology of film distributors in Taiwan and analyzed the path-dependent process for the capability building of local film distributors. We used case studies and secondary data to test our theory on cooperative relationships and organizational capability.
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