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Title: 專業服務組織的新實務擴散
Diffusion of New Practices in Professional Service Organizations
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學全球經營與策略研究所
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本研究計畫旨在探討新實務在專業組織的擴散,其中包含二個相關研究。第 一個研究在於以專業組織的情境研究既有的擴散理論的邊界,而在研究中特別 聚焦於專業群體對新實務抗拒的條件。而第二個研究則嘗試在個人層級中檢驗 擴散理論,而組織成員的新實務採用的研究在既有文獻中極為缺乏。透過個人 層級的研究可以探討新實務採用在組織中同質或異質的現象而克服文獻中普遍 將假設組織成員對新實務採用呈同質的偏誤。上述二研究皆以醫學中心醫師對 新實務(新藥)的採用作為研究情境,資料來源為台灣的健保資料庫,此資料庫 資料豐富可供本研究進行一新務跨專業領域的分析,並可以進行組織及個人跨 層級的分析,有助於本研究提供實證及理論貢獻
The purpose of this research proposal is to investigate the diffusion of new practice in professional service organizations. This proposal includes two separate but related studies. The first studies aims to advance the diffusion literature by carefully examine its boundary in professional services organizations by examining the contingencies for professional resistance. The second study attempts to test the diffusion theory in individual level, which is mostly lacked in the literature. By doing so, the potential heterogeneity among individual adoption can be identified. Both studies use the research context of new drug prescription for physicians in medical centers in Taiwan. The comprehensive database, National Health Insurance Research Database, used in this study enables examining the diffusion of new practices within and across professional groups as well as individual prescription decisions.
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