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Title: 知識分工下的知識搜尋與技術創新
Division of Knowldge, Knowledge Sourcing and Technological Innovation.
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學全球經營與策略研究所
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討在知識分工情境下,知識管理策略對扮演不同知識角色廠商 (系統整合廠商與零組件專製廠商)的有效性。本研究著重於以下知識管理策 略:內在知識來源、外在知識來源。而外在的知識來源主要以焦點廠商與既存 廠商或新創企業的聯盟關係。本研究以台灣科技廠商的資料為分析基礎探討上 述知識策略對系統整合廠商及零組件專製廠商的影響。詳言之,本研究預期內 在知識來源及狹域的聯盟關係對零組件專製廠商的好處大於系統整合廠商,反 之,廣域的聯盟關係有利於系統整合廠商。
This study evaluates the effectiveness of knowledge management strategies for the two epistemic roles in the context of division of knowledge: system integrators and component specialists. We intend to examine strategies including internal and external knowledge with a particular emphasis on alliances with incumbents and start-ups. Based on primary and secondary data of Taiwanese technology-based companies, we seek to explore the idiosyncratic effects of each knowledge management strategy for system integrator and component specialists. Specifically, we expect that external knowledge sourcing from diverse alliances is more beneficial to system integrator while internal knowledge sharing and narrow-scope collaboration is more beneficial to component specialists.
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