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Title: 戰時中國航空工業的關鍵性發展 —貴州大定發動機製造廠營運之研究 (1939-1949)
Authors: 李南海
Lee, Nan-hai
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學歷史硏究所
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 中華民國第一座航空發動機製造廠,於1941年1月在貴州省大定縣之羊場壩正式成立。該廠在首任廠長李柏齡的領導下,成立員工技術訓練班,自行訓練技術人員, 並建立良好的管理制度, 使該廠能夠迅速的步上正軌,正常營運。更重要的是,大定發製廠在三位廠長及全體同仁通力合作下,製造出的32台發動機均通過美國原廠之檢測。此對國家而言,確屬創舉,也為中國航空工業之發展奠定基礎。在抗戰勝利後,為因應社會之需要,生產製造大批汽車零件,解決市場上的需求。大定發動機製造廠堪稱是戰時中國所成立的最重要且最精密的機器工廠。因此,它有「中國航空工業搖籃」之稱,也促進此後國防科技的發展。1949年,由於國共內戰,迫使大定發製廠遷移到臺灣之清水,終至於解散。大定廠的理想雖然未能完全實現,但在「大定精神」堅毅不撓的努力下,培養出一批優秀的專業技術人才,更成為此後數十年海峽兩岸機械及航空工業的種子人才。大定發製廠的成立,見證了近代中國航空工業發展艱辛的一頁。它的興衰,也確能發人深省,值得深思。
Acknowledging the importance of the aviation industry to a modern country, the government had decided to develop the aviation industry since the Republic of China was founded. In February, 1941, during the Second Sino-Japanese War, the first aircraft engine manufacturing plant was established in Yangchangbah, Dading County, Gueizhou Province. Under the leadership of Li Borling, its first director, the plant set up technical training classes and created an excellent management system. With the cooperation of 3 successive directors and all the colleagues, the plant finally produced 32 aircraft engines which all passed the qualificationtesting by the original U.S. aviation factory.Such an achievement was indeed a pioneering eventin China; and it also laid a solid foundation for the development of the Chinese aviation industry. After the eight-year Sino-Japanese War, Dading engine plant also manufactured motor vehicle parts to meet the needs of the market. No wonder, the Dading engine plant was called “the cradle of China’s aviation industry,” which promoted the development of China’s national defense science and technology. In 1949, due to the Chinese Civil War, the plant was moved to Taiwan and finally dissolved there. Although its original ideals were not completely fulfilled, the plant at least fostered many talented technicians in aviation industry for Taiwan and Mainland China. Therefore, it is a worthwhile task to examine theestablishment and achievement of the Dading aircraft engine manufacturing plant as a witness to the hardship and development of modern China’s aviation industry.
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