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Title: 兩次世界大戰對法國女性選舉權之影響
Other Titles: The Impacts of the Two World Wars on French Women’s Suffrage
Authors: 劉文彬
Liu, Wen-bin
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學歷史硏究所
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 一戰後法國政府強調生育主義與婦女的傳統角色,不願提升其政治與社會地位,法國女性爭取選舉權的行動因而受到負面影響。但女性選舉權主義者在兩次大戰期間仍不斷宣揚女性選舉權之重要性,並向國會與行政部門抗爭, 社會輿論因此逐漸轉向支持此項權利。二戰導致第三共和崩潰,長期強力杯葛女性選舉權的國會參議院保守勢力亦告瓦解。二戰初期在維琪政權下,曾出現強調傳統價值的保守政策,但是二戰末期,法國政府再造,為了與第三共和切割以開創政治新局面並順應輿情,臨時諮議會與臨時政府遂於1944年通過並公布賦予女性選舉權之法令。
French government so much emphasized the natalism and the traditional role of women after the First World War that it was unwilling to promote women’s social and political status, which resulted in the negative impact on the acquirement of women’s suffrage. But many feminine suffragists strongly and continuously protested so much against the Parliament and the Executive departments during the period between the two world wars that the public opinions gradually switched to support their demands. The Second World War collapsed the Third Republic and the conservative forces in the Senate which had strongly opposed women’s suffrage for a long time. At the beginning of the Second World War, the Vichy regime carried out some conservative policies emphasizing the traditional values. Nevertheless, by the end of the Second World War, when French government was re-constructed, in order to distinguish the new government from the Third Republic, to open a new political situation and to follow the public opinions, the Temporary Consultative Assembly and the Temporary Government decided in 1944 to pass and publicize the edict giving suffrage to French women.
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