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Title: 中西學術之爭與晚清書目分類的歷史演進
Other Titles: The Academic Debate between Chinese and Western and the Historical Evolution of the Late Qing Dynasty Bibliography Classification
Authors: 傅榮賢
Fu, Rong-xian
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 書目分類既是對文獻世界的整序,也是對文獻背後知識本體的界定以及對知識結構的全面規劃。近代書目分類的發展大致經歷了──(1)在傳統四部框架內容納西學書籍,(2)增補四部書目類別以統攝西書,(3)西書獨立編目,(4)中西書籍分列於一編,(5)以中學為主建構統一分類體系,(6)以西學為主建構統一分類體系等變化,它們大致對應於「西學中源」、「中體西用」、「中西異學」、「學無中西」、「西體中用」等學術理念。而總體上,中國近代書目的歷史演進,與對傳統知識分類的逐步清算,以及對知識體系的西方化重建相同步。
Bibliography classification is not only the order of literature, but also the definition of knowledge ontology behind the document and the overall planning of knowledge structure. The development of modern bibliography classification approximately experienced: (1) accommodating western books in traditional four-part framework. (2) supplement four-part system to govern western books. (3) independent cataloging on western books. (4) Chinese and western books particularized in one compilement. (5) constructing unified classification system meanly with East learning. (6) constructing unified classification system meanly with Western learning, etc. They approximately correspond to “western learning being used in China” “westernized Chinese style” “ Chinese and Western different study” “no difference between Chinese learning and western learning” “use the west for China” etc. Overall, the historical evolution of Chinese modern bibliography is in accordance with the gradually liquidation of traditional knowledge and the westernized reconstruction of knowledge system.
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