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Title: 釋德清《老子道德經解》與《莊子內篇註》互文詮釋方法析論
Other Titles: Shi Dé-qīng’s Intertextuality interpretation method of Zhuangzi Nei Pian Zhu and Laozi Dao De Jing Jie
Authors: 沈明謙
Shen, Ming-quian
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 釋德清身為明代佛教高僧大德中唯一兼注《老子》、《莊子》的人,他對於《老子》、《莊子》之間的關係、閱讀與詮釋的策略自當有其特出之處。但相關研究中,不是將二者分別探討,就是混雜在以佛解道、三教會通的框架下討論,或者僅以釋德清說的「《莊子》一書,乃《老子》之注疏」為依據,認為莊子是老子的學說承繼者、闡發者,《莊子》一書的義理依附在《老子》之下。本文以前行研究為基礎,試圖重新思考釋德清「《莊子》一書,乃《老子》之注疏」論題背後所隱含的意義,釐清釋德清「註疏」一語的時代意涵,並重建他在「《莊子》一書,乃《老子》之注疏」此命題下隱含的閱讀方法與詮釋方針。
Shi Dé-qīng is Buddhist monk of Ming Dynasty China who annotate Laozi and Zhuangzi , he has special points to interpret how to comprehend、read and explain they. But the studies of Shi Dé-qīng whose not leave each other nor mix two books in “explain Tao in Buddhis”、 “communication of three religions”, in addition to this, they only are accordind to “Zhuangzi is the annotation of Laozi” to identify Zhuangzi to be follower of Laozi and think Zhuangzi to have no difference between Laozi. This study has foundation in bygone studies, try to think the meaning of “Zhuangzi is the annotation of Laozi” afresh, then clarifty meaning of ‘be the annotation of’in Shi Dé-qīng’s age. Finally, we try to rebuild “Zhuangzi is the annotation of Laozi” which means correctly, and point Hān-shān’s reading method and interpretation method of Laozi and Zhuangzi.
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