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Title: 衰世中的魯國柱石————冉有新論
Other Titles: The New Discussion on Ran-you (冉有)
Authors: 劉國平
Liou, Guo-ping
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 冉有雖列四科十哲之一,又多才多藝,但受到孔子的責備也最多,甚至因為幫季氏搜括,使孔子讓同門聲討他。本文認為單從《論語》未能突顯冉有該有的歷史評價與定位,因此將其人置於當時的之歷史中去考察,結果發現,冉有不獨有行政的才能,在戰略與戰術的上的表現,也十分出色。在亂世中,他留在體製內改革,擋掉季氏許多無理的施政,表現出鄂鄂爭臣的正直,處衰世而能有所作為,不僅戰勝入侵的齊國,使國君迎回孔子,在子路離開後,更是孤軍奮戰,維持國內政局穩定,調和魯君與季氏之衝突,其先為季氏之「聚斂附益」,亦有特殊之原因。此外,在孔子卒後至魯哀公二十七年之十餘年間,魯國無事,君臣相安,當亦與冉子之在位施政有關。實堪稱「衰世中的魯國柱石」。
Although Ran-you is the ten famous students of Confucius, and versatile, but also suffer the most blamed by Confucius. This paper argues that a study only from “The Analects ofConfucius” can not highlight the historical evaluation and positioning of Ranyou from the others. Therefore re-examine, hoping to clarify issues. The results showed that Ran-you not only have administrative skills, but also very good on the strategy and tactics.In troubled times, he stayed within the system to reform. block off many unreasonable policy of Chi Family, showing the integrity of statesman. He can make a difference in a troubled world. Not only overcome the invasion of Qi, but also to maintain domestic political stability. Over ten years after the death of Confucius, he makes Lu stability., it can be called “the pillar of Lu.”
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