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Title: 「泗水撈鼎」傳說推原
Other Titles: Unearthing the Origin of the Legendary Myth —The Discovery of the Chinese Ding Vessel in the Si River
Authors: 曹昌廉
Tsao, Chang-lien
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 透過對於漢代「泗水撈鼎」畫像石的文獻追溯,應用神話傳播理論討論漢代如何透過「汾陰出鼎」的官方造說、以及《論衡》對當時相關流傳說法的批判形成這則敘述的文獻演變,推而跳脫漢代觀點,重新探究其原始的三則歷史紀錄,聯繫到先秦宋國曾經的水患與發達的交通運輸、周王朝禮崩樂壞的王權傾頹、秦始皇接受齊魯文化圈屬於殷文化面向的思維等,三個先秦文化中的共同記憶,探究其分別形成的原因,並運用二重證據法考察歷史之真實,論述其可能的原貌,並得以瞭解秦始皇泗水撈鼎自有其客觀不同於漢代詮釋的立場與動機,進而回頭探索漢代的政治運作需要,追溯出這則傳說的形成之跡。
In this study, a literature review on the pictorial stone—the discovery of the Chinese ding vessel in the Si River—of the Han Dynasty was conducted. Based on theories of myth transmission, we discussed how the legendary story—the emergence of the ding vessel in the Fen-Yin County—created by the government officials during the Han Dynasty and the relevant criticisms (regarding the popular beliefs disseminated at the time) recorded in the Lunheng, have triggered the literary evolution of this mythological narration during the Han Dynasty, prompting the people of the Han Dynasty to veer from their initial perspectives. By exploring the origin of three historical events (i.e., the flooding incident and the existence of developed transportations in the Song State of the Pre-Qin period; the deterioration of the royal system, in which the feudal ethics regime implemented during the Zhou Dynasty had deteriorated; and the acceptance of Qin Shi Huang toward the Yin-oriented Qilu Cultural thinking), we investigated the cause that initiated the literary evolution based on the existing collective memories pertaining to these three Pre-Qin cultures. Additionally, a “dual-evidence” method was employed to examine the authenticity of these historical events and provide a discourse on the truth of these histories, which facilitated the understanding that in contrast to those believed among the people of the Han Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang had possessed an objective standpoint and motivation regarding the legendary myth—the discovery of the Chinese ding vessel in the Si River. Based on the findings, we explored the political operations of the Han Dynasty to unravel the origin of this legendary myth.
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