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Title: 績優高中生活科技教師實作教學表徵之研究
Other Titles: A Study on Hands-On Instructional Representation of Outstanding Senior High School Living Technology Teachers
Authors: 呂建億
Chien-Vi Lu
Kuen-Vi Lin
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 生活科技以實作活動為主,然而許多教師卻無法運用適切教學表徵進行實作活動教學,故本研究探究績優教師的實作教學表徵及其影響因素,作為教師進行實作活動教學參考。以六位績優教師為對象,採紮根理論進行探究,主要結論為:一、績優高中生活科技教師的實作教學表徵以隨堂發問、合作學習、學生操作等為主;二、影響教師實作教學表徵的因素以教科書、學生特質、機具設備完整性等為主。依據前述研究結論,本研究的具體建議為:一、生活科技教師應學習運用不同的實作教學表徵;二、生活科技教師應加強生活閱歷與自我特質的培養;三、規劃適切師資培育或在職訓練課程。
The implementation of Living Technology curriculum is focused on the handson learning activity; however, some technology teachers cannot use instructional representation in teaching hands-on learning activity appropriately. This study is focused on exploring outstanding living technology teachers' hands-on instructional representation and influencing factors for future reference in teaching hands-on learning activity. Six outstanding living technology teachers are selected in this study; meanwhile, the grounded theory is employed in this study and the conclusions are: (1) Outstanding teachers' instructional representations are focused on questioning, cooperative learning, and students' hands-on activity; (2) The influencing factors of teachers' instructional representations are focused on textbooks, students' characteristics, and the integrity of facilities in technology laboratory. According to previous conclusions, the following suggestions are made: (1) The living technology teachers should focused on developing the competency of applying different handson instructional representations; (2) The living technology teachers should develop their living experience and personal characteristics; (3) The living technology teacher education institutions could develop appropriate teacher education or on-job training programs.
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