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Title: 英語教師專業核心能力探究以國中英語教師為例
Other Titles: A Study on English Language Teachers' Core Competencies: The Case of Junior High School English Teachers
Authors: 許月貴
Yueh-Kuei Hsu
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本研究以兩階段研究程序探討國內英語教師應具備之專業核心能力,第一階段為根據文獻分析與專家焦點座談結果,發展國內英語教師專業核心能力架構與內涵;第二階段則是透過問卷調查,瞭解國中英語教師對於該核心能力架構與內涵之看法與建議。兩階段研究結果顯示:一、國內英語教師應具備之專業核心能力架構包含五大面向29項內涵,此五大面向為英語能力、教學能力、班級經營、專業發展與專業態度。二、教師對此五大面向29項內涵各別之重要性有不同看法。三、除了五大面向29項內涵,教師認為將專業的英語能力轉化為有效的課堂教學、了解國際文化、跨領域整合教學、營造有益學習環境、執行課堂研究、終身學習精神等,亦是英語教師重要核心能力內涵。本文最後依據研究結果提出建議。
This study used two re earch procedures to investigate what core competencies Taiwan English language teachers should po sess. In the fir t procedure, a framework of the core competencies was proposed as a result of literature review and focus group interviews. In the second procedure, a questionnaire wa employed to examine junior high English teachers' perceptions and suggestions about the framework. Result of the two procedures showed that first, five categories and twenty-nine competencies were identified. The five categorie are English language competence, pedagogical competence, cla sroom management professional development, and professional attitude. Second, the teachers perceived the significance of the twenty-nine competencie of the five categories differently. Third, in addition to the competencies in the framework, the following competencies, suggested by the teachers, are also critical for Engli h language teachers: transform professional English competence into efficient clas room teaching, understand global cultures, teach and collaborate interdisciplinarily, create a upportive learning environment, conduct classroom re earch, and promote lifelong learning. Sugge tion are provided based on the re earch findings.
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