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Title: 教師人格特質、復原力與創意教學關聯之研究:多層次調節式中介效果的探討
Other Titles: Correlations Among Teachers’ Personality Traits, Resilience, and Creative Teaching: A Discussion of Multilevel Moderated Mediation
Authors: 蕭佳純
Chia-Chun Hsiao
Issue Date: Mar-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Special Education
Abstract: 創意教學是維繫國家發展競爭力的重要關鍵,但相當可惜的是,學者們雖然強調創造力的發生需綜合考量個人、環境等因素的影響,卻少在研究中同時看到不同層次因素的探討。本研究就是以教師個體層次之人格特質、復原力與學校層次之學校支持為自變數,綜合探討兩者對教師創意教學的影響,除了了解人格特質與學校支持對創意教學的直接效果外,更分析學校支持的脈絡調節效果以及復原力的中介效果與多層次調節式中介效果。方法:本研究採用問卷調查,使用的問卷一共包含人格特質、復原力、學校支持以及創意教學等四個分量表,採用教師自評的評量方式,透過對 551 位教師、70 所學校的調查,使用階層線性模式(hierarchical linear modeling, HLM)分析變數之間的關係。本研究研究結果發現如下:一、除正直性外,其餘四大人格特質皆對創意教學的不同構面產生影響;二、外向性、親和性及開放性可透過不同的復原力構面對創意教學產生間接影響;三、學校支持會對創意教學的各構面產生正向影響;四、復原力中的「問題解決與認知成熟」以及「同理心」扮演著多層次中介變項的角色;五、「問題解決與認知成熟」扮演著多層次調節式中介效果的角色。也就是說,「問題解決與認知成熟」以及「同理心」是中介變項,而「問題解決與認知成熟」除了是中介變項之外,也是被調節的變項。針對上述結果,本研究提出相關的討論與建議,包括:一、校方可多花心思了解教師的人格特質;二、學校應重視教師復原力的發展;三、學校應有具體作法提供教師創意教學所需的支持。
Purpose: In the knowledge economy, creativity determines the competitiveness of a country, and advanced countries have actively invested in enhancing students’ creativity.Creative teaching plays a critical role in the cultivation of creative talent. To maintain the development of competitiveness, creative teaching is regarded as a pivotal factor for a country. Although numerous researchers have emphasized personal and environmental factors in the occurrence of creativity, little research has been conducted regarding factors at various levels. This study involved using personality traits, the resilience of teachers, and school support as independent variables and investigating the effects of these two factors on the creative teaching of teachers. Additional analysis was conducted regarding the contextual moderating effects of school support as well as the mediating effects and the multilevel moderated mediating effects of resilience. Method: A total of 551 teachers at 70 schools were investigated through teacher self-assessment; the employed questionnaires covered resilience, school support, and creative teaching and contained four personality trait subscales; HLM was used to analyze the relationships among variables. Results/Findings: 1. The four major personality traits, except integrity, appeared to exert effects on the dimensions of creative teaching. 2. Extraversion, affinity, and openness exerted indirect effects on creative teaching through the dimensions of resilience. 3. School support exerted positive effects on the dimensions of creative teaching. 4. The problem solving and cognitive maturity and empathy dimensions of resilience served as multilevelmediators. 5. The problem solving and cognitive maturity dimension was a multilevel moderated mediator. In summary, problem solving and cognitive maturity as well as empathy are mediators, whereas problem solving and cognitive maturity is a mediator and moderated variable. Conclusions/Implications: On the basis
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