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Title: 日治時期臺灣的犯罪搜查體系及其科學化的出現
Other Titles: Criminal Search System and the Emergence of Its Scientific Practices in Colonial Taiwan
Authors: 蕭宗瀚
Zong-Han Xiao
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學台灣史研究所
Graduate Institute of Taiwan History
Abstract: 1895年日本治臺之後,開始移植明治維新所建立的近代西方國家體制,包括國家刑法制度與犯罪處理方式,開啟殖民地犯罪搜查的新頁。日治時期臺灣的殖民地犯罪搜查體制,雖是移植、模仿日本的相關制度,但始終受限於殖民地特有的法律特令,造成司法警察搜查權力的擴張。日治初期,經歷軍事管制、臺日兩地法令不同的階段,至1924年臺日同時施行重視人權的新刑事訴訟法。在此過程,司法警察組織與犯罪搜查措施都歷經變動,但面對社會犯罪型態的轉變,以及新刑事訴訟法的人權要求,促成以科學為基準的合理犯罪搜查,以及刑事警察的獨立與強化。本文探究日本殖民當局如何運用國家公權力建立證明犯罪的體制,並就刑事法源、搜查組織、及搜查技術三方面的變遷,分析科學化的犯罪搜查如何出現。
Japanese colonial authorities began to transplant the Western state-system of the Meiji Japan since 1895, including the national criminal justice system and crime control approach, to open a new page in crime search. Though was the criminal search system transplanted, and imitated Japan related systems, but always subject to the laws of colonial unique special orders, resulting in the expansion of the judicial police powers in colonial Taiwan. In the early period of Japanese rule, the rule of law implementation phase in Taiwan was different from Japan due to military domination. Until 1924, Taiwan was the simultaneous implementation with Japan a new Code of Criminal Procedure emphasis on human rights. In this process, the judicial police organization and criminal search measures had gone through changes. But in face of the changes of social crime patterns, and the requirements of new Code of Criminal Procedure emphasis on human rights, Japanese colonial authorities began to build a scientific basis for rational criminal searches, as well as a separate Judiciary Polices and strengthening their function. This article explores how the Japanese colonial authorities applied state power to establish a system to prove a crime, and focus on three changes of criminal law sources, search organization, and search technologies, to analyze scientific criminal search how to appear.
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