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Title: 戰後在日臺灣人的國籍轉換與居留問題
Other Titles: The Nationality and Residence problems of Taiwanese in Japan after WWⅡ
Authors: 何義麟
I-Lin Ho
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學台灣史研究所
Graduate Institute of Taiwan History
Abstract: 戰後在日臺灣人的居留問題,起源於戰敗後日本剝奪來自殖民地住民之公民權。後來,臺灣人登錄為華僑,才獲得比照中國籍僑民之待遇,1952年才得以正式脫離日本國籍。然而,臺灣人與華僑居留在日本的歷史背景不同,在居留資格上也有所差異。兩者的外國人登錄國籍欄,雖都同樣登記為「中國」,但適用的法令並不相同。臺灣人雖然可以長期居留,但是在住民的權益上卻沒有任何保障。1965年日韓建交,兩國協定中賦予在日韓國人永住權,這使得在日臺灣人的法律地位受到歧視的問題更加明顯。對於臺灣人沒有永住權之保障一事,華僑團體曾經向外交部請願,要求政府對日交涉爭取協定永住權待遇,但並未達成。1972年臺灣與日本斷交,許多臺灣人擔心失去法律地位之保障,紛紛歸化日本籍。環繞著永住權取得與否的問題,充分顯示在日臺灣人法律地位並不明確,而其國家認同也相當分歧。未來在日臺灣人的處境與認同問題,仍然值得我們對此議題持續的關注。
The Residence problems of Taiwanese in Japan after the World War II primarily derivative from Japan deprived their colony civil rights. After Taiwanese registered as oversea Chinese, they were treated as people from mainland China; not until 1952, they officially detached from Japan nationality. However, the historical background was different between Taiwanese in Japan and oversea Chinese, and so did the legal rights for residency. Both registered China as their nationality, but came with different applicable laws and regulations. Although Taiwanese could stay in Japan for long period of time, they had no legal protection on their rights of residence. In 1965, Japan and Korea established diplomatic relations, the two countries signed an agreement to grant the Korean Japanese permanent residence in Japan. This made it more obvious that the Taiwanese in Japan were discriminated by lacking the legal protection on their rights of residence. The organizations of oversea Taiwanese in Japan had once petition to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ask the government to fight for their legal rights on their permanence in Japan, but in vain. In 1972, Taiwan and Japan broken off the diplomatic relations, many Taiwanese naturalized Japanese citizenship in the afraid of losing their legal status. Surrounded by the issue whether they can obtain permanent residence illustrated Taiwanese in Japan lack of decisive legal status, their national identity also varied widely. We should continue to pay attention on the future development of the legal status of Taiwanese in Japan together with their national identity.
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