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Title: 對「德先生」的反思——從另一個視角解讀梁漱溟的鄉村建設思想
Other Titles: The Reflection on Democracy: Analysis on Liang, Shu-ming’s Theory of Rural Reconstruction from Another Perspective
Authors: 胡元玲
Hu, Yuan-ling
Issue Date: Jun-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 內以修己,外以治世,是儒家的關懷。因此,若只是從德性修養的角度去審視儒家人物,則並不全面,而還須留意其事功的面向。當代新儒家第一代思想家梁漱溟先生,在辭去北大教職後,投入鄉村建設長達十年之久。過去的研究,大多僅針對其鄉村建設本身的得失成敗作出討論,而未能見到鄉村建設的背後,其實還有著梁漱溟對於民主政治的思考及實踐於其中。本論文則從另外一個視角,解讀梁漱溟在鄉村建設思想中,對當時西方民主的反省與思考。首先討論梁漱溟在時代變局中的社會關懷,其次探討梁漱溟對西方式民主政治的思索,在此基礎上進一步闡釋梁漱溟所推動的鄉村建設,乃蘊涵他對儒家式民主政治的實驗之用意。在儒學與民主之間的議題上,梁漱溟的觀點值得重視。
Both self-cultivation and social engagement are among the main concerns of Confucians. Liang, Shu-ming, one of the first generation scholars of Contemporary Neo-Confucian, spent ten years on his Rural Reconstruction Movement. While most studies are focused on the Rural Reconstruction Movement itself, this paper suggests that there hides Liang’s reflection on democracy behind this Movement. This paper aims to analyze Liang’s theory of Rural Reconstruction from another perspective, which is the reflection on democracy system from the West. Firstly, Liang’s social concerns will be discussed. Secondly, Liang’s reflection on Western type of democracy will be analyzed. Thirdly, Liang’s experiment on the Confucian type of democracy will be brought forward. On the issue of Confucianism and democracy, Liang’s opinion deserved more attention.
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