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Title: 金代的官員遷轉路徑--以格法為中心的觀察
The Routes of Promotion and Transfer for Officials in the Jin Dynasty--A Study of the Qualification System "Gefa"
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2014
Publisher: 國立成功大學歷史學系
Abstract: 本文以格法為中心,考述金代世宗、章宗時期的官員遷轉路徑。經由格法內容,可以探得金朝的官員遷轉路徑主要藉由三道程序建立。第一,依據職掌性質與職品高低分等職務,一套適用於遷轉的職務等級序列因此建立。第二,透過軍功、勞效、進士、門廕、出職等五大入仕途徑的分梳,官員獲得分類,遷轉路徑將可循類設制。第三,遷轉路徑的優劣主要分化於部擬除授場合,此為多數官員仕宦初期的必歷階段,各類官員將有各自的可任職務,遷轉路徑獲得分類與分等,其待遇與政治權益因此有別,各類官員的仕宦前途也將有不易超脫的既定格局。基本上,金代世宗、章宗時期官員的仕宦初期遷轉待遇可分六等,而高階百司承應職出職者,以及進士、武舉、軍功、勞效等出身之官員,將可獲得較佳的遷轉路徑。
Using the "Gefa" (qualification system) as a reference point, this article examines the routes of promotion and transfer for officials during the reigns of Shizong and Zhangzong of the Jin Dynasty. Through the contents of "Gefa", one can observe that officials in the Jin dynasty were recruited in three ways. Firstly, it ranked official positions according to the nature of the appointment, and accordingly established an official ranking system suitable for promotion and transfer. Secondly, through military honours, submission of services, civil service examination, appointment by protection, and clerical appointment, officials were divided into five categories, and their rules for promotion and transfer were set according to these categories. Thirdly, the superiority or inferiority of the promotion and transfer routes was mainly defused at the ceremony of appointment at the respective ministry, a necessary stage for most of the officials in their early days of service. As all officials would have their respective destined appointments, their routes of promotion and transfer were thus categorized and ranked, and so differentiating each of their terms of employment and political rights. Officials therefore would not easily break away from the settings for their prospects. Basically, the promotion and transfer routes during the reigns of Shizong and Zhangzong could be ranked into six grades according to the treatment of the appointees. And the following categories of officials generally would be provided with better promotion opportunities and appointments: appointees promoted from the high level staffs of the Palace Attendants and the central government clerks, the Jinshi (進士) or Wuju (武舉) degree holders, as well as personels with military and service honours.
ISSN: 1683-9749
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