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Title: 從周秦民族早期歷史看古代中國北方的內亞文化
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 有關周秦民族的戎狄性格,長期以來受到學界的普遍關注。學界對此雖已有不少 的成果,然大多集中於考古文物的比對觀察,真正從文獻入手的研究相對而言數量較 少。本計畫擬從文獻的角度入手,希望能從早期周秦民族的歷史發展過程中,發掘出 與內陸亞洲文化相關的文化成分。特別是從近侍團的角度,來觀察此種內亞文化在周 秦民族互動過程中的展現。本計畫初步認為,透過觀察周秦民族早期歷史中的內亞文 化性格,有助我們反思有關內亞文化起源的這個重大學術議題。內亞文化中若干重要 的文化成分,極可能是產生於農牧交錯帶的中國北方,而非內陸歐亞草原的核心地區。
For Zhou and Qin the nation's Rongdi character, has long been widespread concern in the academic circles. Academia this has produced a lot of results, and then mostly in archaeological artifacts than on observed real from the literature studies. This project is to start from the perspective of literature, from the early Zhou and Qin nation's history in the development process, to explore the the Inner Eurasian culture behind the ethnicities of Zhou and Qin . Especially from the view of Comitatus, to observe the show such Inner Eurasian culture in the Zhou and Qin ethnic interaction process. The preliminary view is that this project through the cultural character observed in the early history of the Zhou and Qin ethnic group, will help us to reflect on the major academic points about the Inner Eurasian cultural origins. Several important cultural component of Inner Eurasian cultures, is very likely to produce on the Ecotone in northern China, rather than the core area of the Eurasian steppe .
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