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Title: 漢代胡人的漢地流寓及其社會境遇
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 胡人在漢代的入居中國,是中國史上首度接受大量北疆異族移民的一種特殊歷史 現象。胡人雜居於中國境內,在漢帝國內形成一種新的族群景觀,胡人也成為漢人眼 中的「他者」。另一方面,由於漢帝國與西域交通的大開,加上漢朝的強盛,西域胡人 也開始湧入漢地,並以商賈或雜技等身份在漢帝國境內活動。有關這些胡人在漢帝國 境內移居及流徙的情形,是值得學界進一步關注的課題,究竟他們的來源為何?是由 何種管道進入中國?他們在漢帝國面臨的是何種境遇?他們湧入漢地,對漢帝國人民 的日常生活又造成什麼樣的影響?。本計畫擬針對漢代流寓中國的胡人,作一專題研 究,焦點將集中在胡巫、降胡、胡奴、胡賈、胡旦以及胡人在漢帝國境內的身份認同 等問題上。個人認為,研究漢代流寓胡人的社會境遇,將有助於我們理解西晉時發生 胡族種族變亂的歷史淵源。
During the Han Dynasty, many Hu people immigrated to China. This was an exceptional historical phenomenon because it was the first time that China had accepted a large number of heterogeneous North Barbarian immigrants. The Hu people formed a new ethnic landscape within the Han Empire and were also known as the “other” group by the Han people. Conversely, The Hu people of the Western Regions began to settle within the Han Empire due to the development of the transportation of the Han Empire and Western Regions, as well as the power and prosperity of the Han Dynasty. The Hu were active as merchants or acrobats the immigration and displacement of the Hu people is a topic that the academic field that deserves further study. Where had they originated? How had they entered China? What kind of situations did they encounter in the Han Empire? How did their mass migration to the Han area affect Han daily life? This project will conduct a monographic study on the migration of Hu people into China during the Han Dynasty and will focus on problems such as the Hu sorcerers, surrendered Hu, Hu slaves, Hu merchants, and the identity of Hu people within the Han Empire. The research of social encounters for migrating Hu during the Han Dynasty will help us better understand the historical origin of ethnic conflict that had occurred during the Western Jin Dynasty.
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