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Title: 大眾史學理論與實踐研究計畫
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 台灣的歷史學門正面臨社會變遷的衝擊,造成人才培育過剩與就業困 難的問題。如何思考歷史學門未來的發展?如何在傳統歷史學的訓練 下,培養出可以從事「大眾史學」的人才,讓歷史學在學院中逐漸發展「應 用史學」領域,創造另一種可能性,成為歷史學門的學者專家必須嚴肅面 對的課題。 大學歷史系發展「應用史學」,主要目的在於培養參與或成為「大眾史 學」的人才,避免造成人才浪費的現象;同時提升歷史學門的社會參與度。 如何透過「大眾史學」的學理探索,建構「應用史學」課程規劃的理論基 礎?所謂「他山之石可以攻錯」,目前全球「大眾史學」的發展現狀為何? 有哪些值得效法或參考的作法?國內目前對於「應用史學」的課程規劃又 有哪些作法?「應用史學」在「實習課程」的部分,又應該如何規劃與落 實?如何建立歷史學的「產學合作」模式與機制?以上諸課題,均迫切需 要進一步探索,以作為提供國內歷史學門共同思考的方向。本計畫〈大眾 史學的理論與實踐研究計畫〉,正是基於以上原因而推動。希望透過本研 究能建構出一個具有國際視野之當代台灣大眾史學現況樣貌,以供未來國 科會歷史學門相關政策規劃、執行之參考。
Taiwan's history department is facing the impact of social change, which makes an overflow of cultivating talents and the problem of employment. How does the development of department of history in the future? To cultivate talents who can engage in "public historian" through the historical traditional training is an important subject. Let us try our best to make another possible in history area. Therefore, the history scholars need to face this seriously. The main purpose that the universities in Department of History development the application history is to cultivate talents to participate in or become popular historians, but not to cause the phenomenon of brain drain; in the meantime, to improve the social participation of the historical department in the main topic. In the present day, how does the present situation of the global "public historian"? Which can we learn from the public history? How is the curriculum plan going on? How to plan and practicable the “Applied History” in hands-on courses? How to build the model and function on the historical disciplines? Above all, we need to imperative necessity and to do more research, then, to afford department of history to review and think about. Above all, this project hopes to proceed and advance smoothly. I hope to rely on this project, to construct an international vision of the contemporary public historians, and to existence circumstances in Taiwan, and to afford the policy planning and implementation in National Science Council in the future.
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