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Title: 歐洲議會與中華民國立法院及中共全國人民代表大會關係之比較研究(1975-2000)
A Comparative Study between the Relations of the European Parliament with the Legislature and the National People's Assembly (1975-2000)
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2005
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
Abstract: 中華民國與歐洲聯盟雖無外交關係,然該聯盟各機構中,歐洲議會與臺灣關係最為密切,尤其自一九八○年代以來,雙方議員迭有互訪。該議會友臺議員鑑資中華民國政治民主、社會安定、經濟繁榮,爰於一九九一年六月成立「臺灣之友協會」,而臺灣立法院亦於一九九四年成立「中歐國會議員聯誼會」,推動雙邊議會交流。 歐洲議會與中共之關係則始自一九七五年布魯塞爾與北京建交之時。該議會內部設有「歐洲議會與中共關係代表團」,中共全國人民代表大會內亦設有對口單位,自一九八○年以降,雙方定期組團互訪,會商共同關係之事項。 本文藉(一)組織功能、(二)互訪情形、(三)會談內容、(四)對歐關係成等四方面之比較研究,以了解:(一)中華民國立法院及中共全國人民代表大會負責與歐洲議會發展關係之對口單位之組織及功能之優劣;(二)相對於全國人民代表大會,立法院與區洲議會互訪頻率及議員層級適當與否;(三)臺灣立法委員與歐洲議會議員會談之內容與全國人大代表相較,彼此之差異;(四)海峽兩岸在對歐之「國會外交戰」中,雙方工作成效、勝負輸贏之局勢與臺灣應改進處。
Although there are no diplomatic relations between the Republic of China (ROC) and the European Union (EU), among the institutions of the EU, the European Parliament (EP) has the closest ties with the ROC. Ever since 1980’ s the members of the parliaments of both sides (ROC & EU) have paid frequent visits to each other. Some friendly members of the EP, due to Taiwan’s democracy in politics, the social stability and the economic prosperity, established in June 1991 the “Association of Taiwan’s Friends”. Taiwan’s Legislature also established, in 1994, the “Association of the Sino-European Members of Parliament” to enhance the bilateral contact. The relations between the EP and the National People’s Assembly (NPA) started in 1975 when Brussels and Beijing first established their diplomatic ties. The EP set up a “Delegation for Relations with the People’s Republic of China” of which we can find an equivalent in the NPA. Starting from 1980, the two sides each make a team and visit each other periodically to discuss the concerned issues. This monograph makes a comparative study between the relations of the EP with the Legislature and the NPA on the following four aspects: (I) the function of the organization, (II) the details of mutual visits, (III) the contents of the dialogues, and (IV) the efficiency of the relations toward Europe, in order to understand the following items:(I) In charge of the relations with the EP, the organization and function of the Legislature and the NPA. (II) Compared with those of the NPA, the frequency of visits and the status of the members of the Legislature sent to the EP. (III) With regard to the contents of the dialogues with the members of the EP, the differences between the members of NPA and those of the Legislature. (IV) The efficiency of the “war of parliamentary diplomacy” between the ROC and the PRC.
ISSN: 0301-9667
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