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Title: <<新撰字鏡>>所載日本漢字音之研究
Phonological Study on Sino-Japanese as Recorded in Sinsenjikyo
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學國文學系
Issue Date: 1998
Abstract: 本計畫以日本現存天治本《新撰字鏡》所收錄的反切與直音為研究對象。通過校勘、摘錄、來源比對等程序,分離出日本式的注音。再針對這些日本式的注音,分析其音韻特徵,以考察當時日本漢字音的音韻系統。並討論日本人如何利用反切與直音的方法來記錄當時的日本漢字音。本計畫為期兩年,今年已完成反切與直音的摘錄、並與《一切經音義》、《玉篇》、《切韻》等書進行比對,將書中抄錄自他書的注音與當時日本人所作的注音,作了初步的區分。
This project selects the phonetic notes, known as Fan-chie and Jr-in, in Shinsenjikyo to do a phonological analysis in order to reconstruct the phonological system of Sino-Japanese pronunciations of the 9th century. Before the phonological analysis, a complete critical check and comparison with other ancient documents on these phonetic notes are made, in order to decide which of them were made by Japanese and which of them were come from China. And this is the end of the first half of this project.
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