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Title: 國立臺灣師範大學E世代科普傳播人才培訓計畫(人才培育)-總計畫-科普傳播進修研習課程整合計畫暨子計畫四-科學影音紀錄進修研習課程計畫( I )
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科學教育研究所
Issue Date: 31-Oct-2013
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 國立臺灣師範大學為因應社會需求與脈動,積極培訓科普傳播人才,擬分 階段(級)辦理「E 世代科普傳播人才培訓工作課程」,本總計畫為科普傳播基礎 進修研習課程開設計畫,項下共分四個子計畫:子計畫一:動漫、繪圖進修研習 課程開設計畫;子計畫二:敘事、報導進修研習課程開設計畫;子計畫三:影音 內容創製進修研習課程開設計畫;子計畫四:科學影音紀錄進修研習課程計畫。 總計劃主持人與共同主持人具備理工醫農等科學或科學教育相關背景,多次主持 本會專題研究計畫並具領導協調能力;各子計畫主持人專長在科學與傳播等跨領 域之間,且與主持人專長形成互補。本計畫整合科學傳播之理論與實務,重視內 容轉化或內容創製之實作知能,提升研習者「以科學為敘事題材」的興趣、開發 其傳播知能與潛能、引導其認識科普傳播事業面貌或規劃科普傳播職業生涯,裨 益未來國內有足夠並具備素質的科普傳播產、官、學、研等人力。
In response to social needs, the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) positively trains E-generation teachers. For this purpose, the University organizes the mainproject of NTNU E-talents training program for popular science communication in different stages (class). Total four subprojects will be organized as follows: Subproject I: Refresher Courses For Scientific Animation & Draw, Subproject II: Refresher Courses For Scientific Narration & Reports, Subproject III: Refresher Courses For Scientific AV Content Creation, and Subproject IV: Refresher Courses For Scientific AV Recording. The PI and co-PI of the mainproject with the background of science or science education have frequently chaired the thematic research project of the National Science Council. Also The PI and co-PI have the leadership and coordination capacity. The PI of each subproject has the expertise in interdisciplinary science and communication who has complementary relationship with the expertise of the PI and co-PI of of the mainproject. These projects integrate the theory and practice of science communication, and pay attention to the content conversion of scientific knowledge. The goal of these projects want to enhance students' interest in science as a narrative theme and to exploit their knowledge and potential in science communication. By these projects, we hope to guide the students' understanding in business outlook of science communication and help them to plan their career in science communication. As a result, we will have the sufficient manpower of science communication in production, government, academia and research.
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