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Title: 科學教育研究發展白皮書與國家科教素養規劃計畫
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學科學教育研究所
Issue Date: 31-Oct-2011
Publisher: 行政院國家科學委員會
Abstract: 科學教育研究發展白皮書與國家科教素養規劃計畫 全民的科學素養為國家科學技術卓越發展之碁石。各國均於本世紀初便著手擬訂二十一世紀之國家科教政策方針。近年來,全球面臨日益嚴重且複雜的能源安全、氣候變遷與糧食危機。如何更有效率培養能有效因應、研究與解決這些跨領域議題的科學人才,並同時提升全民對於科技政策與天然災害的正確認知與應變能力,實有賴符應時局,審視評估並修訂既往政策,提升國民更多元且跨領域之全民科學素養,以提升國家競爭力。本計畫擬組成工作小組,重新嚴謹審視既有政策的限制。本計畫希望突破既有研究學門領域藩籬、整合多元資源,擘劃符合未來國家需求的國家級全民科學素養(National Science Literacy)內涵與架構。此外,經由資料蒐集與分析、意見激盪、專家共識凝聚以及一系列公聽說明會,撰擬未來用以培育該素養的國家科學教育研究發展白皮書。此白皮書可供國家未來科學教育之教學、研究與提升全民素養的施政重要參考依據。
Project for Planning the White Paper on Science Education Research Development and National Science Literacy of Taiwan The citizens’ science literacy really is the base of excellence in national science and technology development. Each country undertook to make the guidelines of the 21 century national science education policy in the early century. In recent years, the whole world faced more and more serious and complex energy safety, climate change, and food crisis. How to efficiently cultivate scientific talents who can effectively react, study, and solve these interdisciplinary issues and to promote all citizens to have correct cognition and strain capacity of science and technology policy and natural disasters really depend on reacting to the current situations, examining the evaluation, and revising the existing policies to promote people’s more multiple and interdisciplinary science literary and to enhance our national competition further. This project plans to set up a working group to reexamine strictly the limitations of the existing policies. This project wishes to break the boundaries of the existing research disciplines, combine multiple resources, and plan the contents and framework of National Science Literacy responding to the future national needs. Besides, based on data collection and analysis, opinion-arousing, professionals’ consensus-building, and a series of public hearings, we plan to write a white paper of national science education development to cultivate this literacy in the future. This white paper can provide our country as important references of administration for future science education’s instruction, research, and promotion of all citizens’ literacy.
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