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Title: 新型三維微探針陣列製作技術開發
A Novel Manufacturing Technique of 3D Microneedle Array
Authors: 國立臺灣師範大學機電工程學系
Issue Date: 23-Nov-2007
Abstract: 本研究提出一種新型微探針陣列製造技術,利用微機電製程特有之矽基體型微加工技術、KMPR厚膜光阻微影、精密電鑄製程,並結合PDMS聚合物材料之選用,於可撓曲基板上製造出三維微探針陣列。於實驗中,建立新型厚膜光阻KMPR 1050之相關製程參數,使得以一次旋轉塗佈的製程,便可得到厚度約之光阻膜。配合KOH蝕刻、精密電鑄製程與本實驗所提出之二階段式光阻去除步驟,可於撓曲基材上製作出高度約、寬為,深寬比達3.4,且具出平面特性之微探針陣列。
The research has developed a novel method of microneedle array through the combination of integrating silicon bulk micromachining, thick photoresist KMPR1050, electroforming and polymer material PDMS.The microneedle array was successful fabricated on a flexible PDMS substrate. This study complete establish experimental parameters of KMPR, and can produce thickness of KMPR by single spin. Combination of KMPR, KOH etching, electroforming, two-step removing KMPR, the length of the microneedle array is and width is (aspect ratio, 3.5) which is out of plane was successful fabricated on a flexible PDMS substrate.
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