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Title: 聆聽西藏
Authors: 陳大為
Issue Date: Mar-2005
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文以當代漢語寫作中的西藏「淨土書寫」為主題,分別透過--(一)進藏和旅藏的非藏族作家對西藏文明與地理的崇高化書寫;(二)藏族作家以神話、傳奇、宗教意涵的素材來建構的西藏神秘圖象;(三)古老的西藏文明在現代化建設與資本主義文明衝擊下的隱憂--三個角度,來探討西藏在當代中國文學主流的漢語寫作中,所呈現的文化圖景。
Abstract of thesis: Discuss the cultural prospect presented by Chinese composition within the mainstream of contemporary Mainland China literature in Tibet, based on the subject of Tibetan “Pure land writings” via three different viewpoints: (1) Noble writings of Tibetan civilization and physical geography by non Tibetan writers -- the Tibetan Settler & Sojourner; (2) Mythology, legend and religious materials applied by the Tiban writers to establish the mysterious image of Tibet. (3) The secret worry of ancient Tibetan civilization under the onslaught of modern construction and capitalism.
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