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Title: 苕溪漁隱論宋詩宋調之形成
Other Titles: Tiaoxi Yuyin on the Formation of Song Poetry and Song Diao: Cases on Poetry Styles of Ouyang Xiu, Wang Anshi, Su Shi and Huang Tingjian
Authors: 張高評
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 仔《苕溪漁隱叢話》,集北宋以來詩學文獻之大成。每有評論考證,則揭「苕溪漁隱曰」以示例。成書於「最愛元祐」之南宋初葉,黨禁已除,於是其書表彰元祐學術,推崇蘇軾、黃庭堅詩,既裨補《詩總》之忌諱,又徵存宋詩特色推助促成之原委。歐陽脩、王安石、蘇軾、黃庭堅四大家,為宋詩特色形成之推手。本文梳理胡仔品藻四大家之文字,抑揚軒輊中,所謂宋詩特色之所以形成,已呼之欲出。要而言之,大抵有二端:其一,「擺落規摹,絕去谿徑」,此宗法韓愈「務去陳言」之為文策略。其二,「自出機杼,古人不到」,此發皇韓愈「言必己出」之創作目標。蓋宋詩導源於韓,「歐、蘇悟入從韓,證出者不在韓,如是而有宋詩。」宋代詩學崇尚意新語工、追求創意造語,胡仔之詩學有如實之呈現。此二者正宋詩所以殊異唐詩之策略,胡仔既提撕再三,宋詩宋調之所以形成,已不疑而具。
Hu Zi's A Clump of Speech of Tiaoxi Yuyin is a complete work of documents on poetry since Northern Song dynasty. It uses "Tiaoxi Yuyin says" to show the case whenever textual criticism and research appear. It is accomplished in the period of early Southern Song dynasty, while "loving Yuanyou" is in the air. At that time, party prohibitions had ceased. As a result, Hu Zi's book commends academic achievements during Yuanyou period, admires poetry of Su Shi and Huang Tingjian, improves upon taboos of Wang Zhi's Shi Tsung Wen, confirms and preserves reasons for the formation of Song poetry's characteristics. Ouyang Xiu, Wang Anshi, Su Shi and Huang Tingjian promotes the formation of Song poetry's characteristics. I deal with Hu Zi's comments on the four poets so that we could see how Song poetry's characteristics are formed. Briefly, first, gets rid of imitation and prohibit shortcuts. This is what Han Yu's compositional strategy to avoid using cliché. Second, strikes out a new path for oneself that nobody has ever figured out. This is what Han Yu's creative destination that people should make his own words. Poetics in Song dynasty upholds fresh meaning and advocated words, seeks for creative language, and it presented in Hu Zi's works full and accurate. These two points are what Song poetry differs from Tang's. We would suddenly see the light of superiority of Song poetry and Song Diao through Hu Zi's close reminder.
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