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Title: 紅樓夢考境(十八)
Authors: 王關仕
Issue Date: Mar-1997
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文共有四個子題。「紅樓夢與甘澤謠」,論「紅樓夢」作者受「甘澤謠」影響或啟示而塑造賈寶玉、林黛玉。「一府二分說甄賈」,論「紅樓夢」的賈府實即甄府,地點是江寧織造府。「上頭釋義」,提出不同於紅學者周汝昌、馮其庸等的釋義。「再論間色法」,補充「間色法」為次要主角之義。
This paper is comprised of four subjects: “The Dream of the Red Chamber” and “Kan Tse Yao”: Stating that the author of “The Dream of the Red Chamber” was effected or inspired by “Kan Tse Yao” to create the hero and heroine as Chia Pao Yu (賈寶玉) and Lin Tai Yu (林黛玉) . The Divided Mansion as a Metaphor of True and False: Stating that the Chia's mansion (賈府) was the reflection of the Chen's mansion (甄府), were Chen and Chia was a metaphor as true and false by the pronunciation in Chinese. The Interpretation of Shang Tou (上頭: sexual intercourse): Stating different interpretation by classics scholars such as Chou Ju-chang (周汝昌) and Fen Chi-Yang (馮其庸). Restatement of the Features of Secondary Characters: Secondary Characters would function as contrast to emphasize the leading roles.
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