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Title: 《圍城》裡的知識分子形象
Authors: 蔡芳定
Issue Date: Mar-1997
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 錢鍾書(一九一0∼一九八九),為我國近代文學史上著名的作家,他的長篇小說「圍城」被譽為二十世紀四十年代最有趣最用心經營的小說。特別是有關知識分子的描寫,更見精采。本文採歷史研究法。文分三章,主要核心落在第二章,分四節,剖析抗戰年代的知識分子心態;借此觀察錢氏在人物刻劃的小說藝術。
Chien, Chung-shu(1910-1989) is an outstanding writer, his novel: <> regarded as the best works in Chinese modern fiction history(from 1940 to 1949), especially good at the description about the educated-class person.The article adopts history -study method to discuss the novel's arts of "Fortress besieged"about characterization.
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