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Title: 論張愛玲小說的通俗性
Authors: 江寶釵
Issue Date: Mar-1999
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文先分析中國小說的通俗性,然後說明張愛玲個人看待「俗」的三種方式,分析俗如何以愛情、色彩、戲曲、民俗信仰等方式具體呈現於張愛玲的小說中,最後總結張愛玲的「俗」其實遙接中國小說的傳統。
This article begins with an anlaysis of popularity in the Chinese novelistic tradition. Chinese novels can be popular in one way or another. Chang Ai-Ling was acutely aware of what it took for a novel to become widely read within the tradition of the Chinese novel. In fact, her creativity was largely inspired by this element of Chinese literature. She conceived of and achieved popularity of three different types: appealing to the common poeple, attaining a wide audience from several social levels, and dealing with the unchanging lives of the chinese masses.
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