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Title: 豐產儀典與始祖傳說──聞一多古籍詮釋之特色及其對古禮儀研究的啟發
Other Titles: he Breeding Ceremony and the Legend of First Ancestor : The Character and the Edifications for Ancient Ritual Study of Wen Yiduo’s Annotation of Ancient Documents
Authors: 林素娟
Lin, Su-chuan
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 聞一多的古籍詮釋,奠基於傳統的國學以及文字、聲韻及訓詁等傳統治學方法外,更重要的是還帶入了文化人類學、民俗學、考古學、古宗教學、心理學……等的研究視域。聞一多古籍詮釋中,最為凸顯而貫串其諸多研究論題的核心主軸為豐產儀式與圖騰崇拜(Totemism),其將古歌詩研究置於社會、文化史的脈絡,並透過象徵廋語(symbolism)、諧聲廋語(puns)串聯整體之精神;對於圖騰崇拜之流變和於文化上的展現,則透過「興」進行解讀。由於聞一多認為古禮儀核心的社、禘之祭皆出自女始祖(高禖)之豐產儀典,並透過豐產儀典及始祖傳說以探討古禮俗之核心課題,本文於是以聞一多之豐產儀典及始祖傳說的相關論述作為核心,探討其如何透過隱語、興以思考古文化及禮儀課題,同時探討此研究視域對於古禮儀研究的啟發。
The annotation of ancient documents by Wen Yiduo (聞一多)was based on traditional Chinese study, history study, characters study, phonology, and scholium. Most importantly that it also based on the cultural anthropology, ethnology, archeology, ancient religious study, history study, and psychology, etc.From interpreting the annotation of ancient documents by Wen Yiduo , the most obvious and running through the core spindle of many research topics are the breeding ceremony and totemism, which placed the researching of the ancient poetries in the context of social and cultural history, also serialized overall spirits through the symbolism and the puns; for the rheological of Totemism and the expression of the culture, were studied by “Xing”(興).Owing to Wen Yiduo considered that the rites of “She”(社) and “Di” (禘)in ancient ceremony were originated from the breeding ceremony of female ancestor (Goumei高禖), and exploring the core topics of ancient custom by the breeding ceremony and the legend of first ancestor. Therefore this article was taking Wen Yiduo’ s the breeding ceremony and the legend of first ancestor with other relevant discourse as the core, and exploring how to penetrate the implications and “Xing”to think about the ancient culture and the ritual topics, at the same time, exploring this study domain for the inspirer of the ancient ritual research.
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