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Title: 由神人而天人的思維辯證
Authors: 許琇禎
Issue Date: Mar-1997
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 「神巫之愛」是沈從文小說中,頗具哲學思考的作品。作者藉由擔任神職的人--神巫,在自我認知上的混淆,以及一場無終始的愛情,描述神巫由神返人的過程,並進而指出人性中所存在的愛的神性。本文即從神巫的追索過程著眼,由神人而天人,論述沈從文的形上理念及其對人性的體察。
“The Love of Sorcerer” is a having more philosophy thinking work in Shen, Tsung-Wen's novels. By describing a religious member's confusion inidentifying himself and ambiguous love the beginning to the end, how the sorcerer changes from god back to human, and furtherly point out the love divinity existing in human character. First, this article focuses on the seaking procedure of sorcerer, then highlights the change from divinity to humanity, finally demonstrate shen, Tsung-Wen's metaphysical theorem and inspection of humanity.
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