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Title: 說「蛋」
Other Titles: On the Character "Dan"(蛋)
Authors: 胡雲鳳
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文主要從字形、字義二方面對「蛋」字進行整體的檢視與研究。就字形而言,根據唐代的俗字,可知「蛋」字形體是由「蜑」字訛變而來的,其形成時間,約在唐代。就字義而論,本文主要在前人研究基礎上對「蛋」字禽卵義的形成與發展過程,做更深入的分析與研究。透過相關語料的排比歸納,大致勾勒出「蛋」字禽卵義的發展軌跡。「蛋」字禽卵義約形成於北宋,經歷元、明二朝的發展,至清朝基本得到確立。
The purpose of this article is to study and examine the forms and meanings of the Chinese character "dan"(蛋). Its form has established around the Tang Dynasty and, according to the popular forms used then, is an erroneous transformation from the character "dan"(蜑). And for the meaning, this article will, based on previous studies, provide further research and analysis on the forming and development of "dan"(蛋), meaning eggs of bird. Relevant corpus will be compared and generalized to give a general description of how the character "dan"(蛋), eggs of bird, had developed. "Dan"(蛋)begins to carry the meaning "eggs of bird" around the Northern Song Dynasty, through the Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty, and the meaning finally takes root in Qing Dynasty.
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