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Title: 《正字通》釋義特色析述
Other Titles: On the Characters of "Zheng-Zi-Tong"
Authors: 陳怡如
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 《正字通》,乃明末清初張自烈為補正《字彙》闕誤而做,其釋義內容雖以《字彙》為基,卻增加了大量的詞彙和書證,在義項聚合、書證運用、詞義說明,以及編輯體例上,皆有異於《字彙》之處,形成獨特的釋義風格。本文擬從《正字通》釋義內容的特色著手,進而觀察其得失,以明《正字通》在歷代詞典發展中的價值與地位。
"Zheng-Zi-Tong" was written by Zi-Lie Zheng in late Ming and early Qing Dynasty to correct the mistakes of "Vocabulary". Even though its content was based on "Vocabulary", it was added with many new vocabularies and examples. With the differences from "Vocabulary" in induction of meanings, use of examples, explanation of words, and editing, it has an unique style of explanation. This essay observed the merits and demerits of "Zheng-Zi-Tong" through the analysis of its characteristic features, in order to show its position and value in the development of dictionary.
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