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Title: 《左傳》、《國語》「之八」舊說質疑
Authors: 余培林
Issue Date: Sep-2007
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 《左傳》有「〈艮〉之八」,《國語》有「〈泰〉之八」及「貞〈屯〉悔〈豫〉,皆八」。「八」究竟是什麼,千餘年來一直困擾著研究《易經》及《左傳》的學者。本文的撰寫就在於探求「八」的真相,揭開「八」的謎底,解除學者們的困擾。本文共分六節:一、前言;二、〈艮〉之八;三、〈泰〉之八;四、貞〈屯〉悔〈豫〉,皆八;五、「八」的真相;六、結語。
In Zuo Zhuan, there is a phrase as “‘Gen’ to eight” (「〈艮〉之八」). In Guo Yu there are phrases as “‘Tai’ to eight”(「〈泰〉之八」), “the lower trigram of ‘Tun’ (貞〈屯〉) and the upper trigram of ‘Yu’ (悔〈豫〉) are both eight” (皆八). What does “eight” exactly mean? The question has kept troubling the scholars studying Yi Jing and Zuo Zhuan for thousands of years. This essay aims to explore the real meaning of “eight,” dissolve the mystery, and dispel the doubts disturbing scholars. This essay consists of six parts: Introduction, “Gen” to Eight, “Tai” to Eight, The Lower Trigram of “Tun” and the Upper Trigram of “Yu” Are Both Eight, Truth of “to Eight”, and Conclusion.
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