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Title: 唐翼明《魏晉清談》析評
Other Titles: Analysis of Tang Yiming’s Wei-Jin Empty Talk
Authors: 王妙純
Wang, Maio-shun
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 「清談」是中古時期的一種特殊風尚,同時也是魏晉名士才情最集中的表現。「清談」不僅是名士的標誌,也是士人求官進身的敲門磚。「清談」影響了當代的哲學、文學、史學與美學;「清談」也是魏晉風度具體而微的展現。唐翼明先生所著《魏晉清談》,是一本獨立而全面地介紹魏晉清談的專書。之所以「獨立」,乃是因前人往往將清談現象混合著魏晉思潮、玄學、以至政治和社會等等來談論,而作者卻能當做一個獨立的歷史現象來處理。之所以「全面」,則是因為從來沒有人將清談做縱向、橫向全面式的處理,而本書不僅縱向地探討清談的起源、發展與演變,又能橫向地探討清談的內容與形式。《魏晉清談》可謂是研究魏晉學術、思想與文化者,不可不讀的一部書。本論文共分成如下章節:一、前言。二、《魏晉清談》之創見。三、對《魏晉清談》之建議。四、結論。
As a unique fashion in the Middle Ages, empty talk offered the best opportunities for Wei-Jin celebrities and literati to present their talents. Empty talk was not only a symbol for them but also a stepping stone to seek an official position or get promotion. Indeed, empty talk had an impact on then philosophy, literature and aesthetics, in a detailed presentation of Wei-Jin style.Tang Yiming’s Wei-Jin Empty Talk introduced Wei-Jin empty talk in an independent and comprehensive manner. The reason why it was independent was the author dealt with empty talk as an independent historical phenomenon instead of a mix of Wei-Jin thought, metaphysics, political or social factors, which was held by previous researchers. Moreover, the book was comprehensive because it was the first-ever analysis of empty talk from two perspectives: longitudinally and cross-sectionally. This book discussed the origin, development and transformation of empty talk longitudinally, and at the same time explored its content and forms cross-sectionally.This paper is divided into the following chapters. Chapter one is the introduction. Chapter two is the creative ideas of Wei-Jin Empty Talk. Chapter three is open questions for Wei-Jin Empty Talk. Chapter four is the conclusion.
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