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Title: 論韓愈貶潮時期文章寫作的兩種策略
Other Titles: Discussion of Two Writing Strategies When Han Yu Was Relegated to Chao-Chou: Base on "Chao-Chou Ci Shi Xie Shang Biao" and "E Yu Wen"
Authors: 姜龍翔
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 韓愈貶潮時期,部分奉承帝王的言論深受後世學者詬病,為釐清韓愈的真正意圖,此文首先藉由詩歌分析韓愈貶潮心態有二,一是悔恨,一是懼死。而在這兩種心理因素的影響之下,韓愈渴望獲赦,並將行動施行於文章之中。於是此文在此前提下,分析韓愈貶潮時期企求帝王開恩的兩種文章寫作策略,一是以正面直接溝通方式,藉由〈潮州刺史謝上表〉等奏表極力誇贊憲宗,並直接向憲宗認錯求情;另外再藉由側面間接宣傳的方式,透過討伐鱷魚這種滑稽動作,以期獲得文章的傳播及注意,並在〈鱷魚文〉中頌揚憲宗功業,建立自己身膺天子之命的忠君形象,與〈潮州刺史謝上表〉呼應,使憲宗確認韓愈忠愛君主的恭維言論實發自內心,從而能夠獲得憲宗的赦免。
When Han Yu was delegated to Chao-Chou, part of his opinions on public affairs that flattered the emperor was denounced by other scholars seriously. To understand the real intention of Han Yu, this article analyzes the thinking of Han Yu, remorse and fear of death, through poetry respectively. Because of the influence of these two psychological factors, Han Yu thirsted for pardon and showed this feeling in his writings. As a result, based on this premise, this article analyzes the two writing strategies of Han Yu when he was relegated to Chao-Chou. The first writing strategy was direct communication, Han Yu used documents such as "Chao-Chou Ci Shi Xie Shang Biao" to speak highly of Xian-Zong enthusiastically, admit his mistakes, and intercede. The second writing strategy was indirect propagation; Han Yu sent a punitive expedition to the crocodile to propagate his article extensively, and he also glorified the exploits of Xian-Zong in "E Yu Wen" to establish his loyal image towards the emperor, which echoed "Chao-Chou Ci Shi Xie Shang Biao". Han Yu tried to make Xian-Zong believe that his flattery opinions regarding his loyalty towards the emperor were his real feelings, so that he could be pardoned by Xian-Zong.
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