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Title: 蘇軾黃庭堅體與遺妍之開發
Authors: 張高評
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 為闡發宋詩之特色與價值,筆者選擇以文學語言為研究視角,凸顯其創意造語與遺妍開發。本文以北京大學版《全宋詩》為文本,選擇〈薄薄酒〉詩九題13首,考察蘇軾、黃庭堅創意造語之新奇不俗,討論南宋詩人紹述繼作之因難見巧,以見宋代詩人創意造語及遺妍開發方面之成就。蘇軾〈薄薄酒二首〉實妙用題材與語言之轉化,將薄酒、茶湯、醜婦、空房等俗材俚言,昇華轉化為通達高雅之意境,與發人深省之哲理,此之謂「化俗為雅」。蘇軾所作創發於前,黃庭堅巧述於後,南宋詩人於此多傳承之。黃庭堅倡導以俗為雅,亦有繼作。蘇軾原創,指趣歸向「知足安分」、「自然無待」之高古;黃庭堅繼作二章,詩趣改為「知足不辱」;顯然由自我適性,轉為物我諧和。由此觀之,黃庭堅「代作二章,以終其意」,求變追新,可謂巧者述之,長於繼聲繼志。南宋詩人祖述東坡與山谷〈薄薄酒〉詩,大抵從知足常樂或知足不辱觀點,對於富貴貧賤,得失毀譽、美惡厚薄、吉凶是非,進行創造性詮釋,其中自有奇特解會,與蘇、黃相較,不遑多讓。本文討論〈薄薄酒〉詩,涉及化俗為雅、比興寄託、反常合道、以賦為詩、活法為詩、資書以為詩、意象與理趣,而歸本於創意造語。由此可見,別闢門戶,獨樹壁壘,是自得成家之要道;刻抉入裏,穿鑿得寶,是遺妍開發之妙訣。
In order to explain Song poems features and value, we choose the literary language to appear the creation of the language and the development of the incomplete aesthetics. This article regards Pan-Song Poetry Collection of Beijing University edition as the basis, has selected poems "Bo Bo Jiu" (薄薄酒) 9 different subjects and 13 poetry-oriented meta-poems. We observe Su Shr and Huang Ting-Jian were peculiar in the creation of the language. To discuss poet state to continue in the Southern Song Dynasty from the difficulty to the skill. So we can see Song Dynasty poet's achievement of the creation of the language and the development of the incomplete aesthetics. Su Shr "Bo Bo Jiu two" (薄薄酒二首) effectes ingeniously the transformation of subject matter and language, that makes light wine, the soup, ugly woman, vacant room from vulgar material language to graceful artistic conception and raceful artistic conception. It is 'the transformation of vulgar into elegan'. Su Shr creates first, then Huang Ting-Jian followed. The poets inherite of this in the Southern Song Dynasty. Huang Ting-Jian proposes the transformation of vulgar into elegant, also has continuing works. Original intention of Su's poems inclined to 'content and dutiful', 'naturally sincere'. Huang continue making two chapter, the delight of the poem changed into 'content with disgrace'; Obviously dispose suitably by myself, transfering thing and human harmonically. Therefore Huang 'replace and do two chapters, its meaning completely'. Pursuing the change and the new meaning, so the good one narrated. They are good at continuing the will. The poets narrate Su and Huang poems "Bo Bo Jiu" in the Southern Song Dynasty, almost the view of contentment brings happiness or contenment with disgrace. As to rich and poor, praise or blame, evil or good, right and wrong, undertake the creative annotation. They have their peculiar explanation, compare with Su and Huang, will not be defeated by them. This text discusses poems
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