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Title: 中小學國文科課程綱要評估與發展研究
Authors: 王開府
Issue Date: Mar-2006
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文對現有的九年一貫國(語)文科課程綱要、高中與高職國文科課程暫行綱要,就其一貫性、銜接性、統整性以及與教育部未來施政主軸的關聯性,進行評估與未來發展之研究,並將研究結果作成建議,以供未來修訂完成九八年課綱之參考。本研究採文獻探討、學理分析、國際比較、專家諮詢、座談、問卷調查等方法。對國語文課綱之修訂,除了提出整體基本建議外,並對課綱的核心能力、能力指標、時間分配、教材綱要、實施要點五個部分,提出分項建議。
This article studies the consistency, connection and integration of Chinese curriculum from elementary to secondary schools in Taiwan, based on the Curriculum Outline that is designed for the Integration Program of 9-years Civil Education. The study employed literature references, theoretical analysis, international comparison, professional consultancy, panel discussion and questionnaire to evaluate the relation between the Curriculum Outline and the main policy made by Ministry of Education. According to the findings, the authors also make some recommendations to the development of curriculum for Chinese education in five categories; namely, the core competences, competence targets, scheduling, basic teaching materials, and implementation.
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