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Title: 台灣海洋文化之初探
Authors: 莊萬壽
Issue Date: Mar-1997
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本論文從地理、歷史、傳統文化論述臺灣所具有的海洋文化性格。臺灣居東亞島弧中樞,十七世紀,荷西領臺,鄭氏繼之,使臺灣開始了國際化,進入世界史的舞臺,這亦是海洋文化的發軔。其後日本統治,再顯海洋際化的傾向。今後臺灣的發展,更須面對海洋,走向國際,尤其在已有的民主政治,自由經濟的基礎下,將足以建立一個有主體性的海洋文化。本論文表現的特點有:一、提出十二世紀時掠奪宋國泉州的毗舍耶國人,可能為臺灣平埔族凱達格蘭人。二、說明十七世紀荷西、東寧政權下的臺灣西部,已有海洋文化的特色。三、初遺建構臺灣海洋神話的雛形。
In this thesis I will discuss the oceanlike culture of Taiwanese character based on its goegraphy, history and traditional culture. Taiwan is situated at the center among islands of South-eastern Asia. During the 17th century, the Dutch occupied Taiwan. Later on Cheng Ch'eng-kung recovered the territory. Taiwan. Later on cheng Ch'eng-kung recovered the territory. Taiwan began to play its role on the worldwide stage, which was the commence of its internationalization, as well as the origin of its development of oceanlike culture. During the 19th century, Taiwan was ceded to the Japanese. The trend of oceanlike development became more clear than ever. At present, Taiwan is particularly urging to the international stage, confronting its oceanlike character. Based on the highly development of democracy and liberal economics, Taiwan is more qualified for developing its oceanlike culture of its independant nature. The creative aspects of this thesis include: 1.Posing the assumption that the Pisheyeh people (毗舍耶國人) who had pillaged Chuan chou (泉州) of mainland China during the 12th centary could possible be the aborigines of K'aitaklan (凱達格蘭) which is one of Pin Pu (平族) clans in Taiwan. 2.Illustrating the basic features of oceanlike culture in the west of Taiwan under the sovereign of the Dutch during the 17th century. 3.Constructing the methodology of the oceanlike Taiwanese culture.
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