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Title: 台灣水丁香屬(柳葉菜科)植物化學分類研究
Other Titles: Flavonoid Systematics of Ludeigua (Onagraceae) in Taiwan
Authors: 黃生
Issue Date: Jun-1985
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 分析台灣產的七種水丁香葉內所含之類黃鹼素(Flavonoids),共鑑定出十二種化合物及一種未知化合物,已知化合物中有四種為葡萄糖-黃鹼酮類(C-glycoflavones),另八種為黃 醇類(flavonols)。本文即根據各種水丁香所含黃鹼之異同,探討這一屬植物的種間親緣關係。
Two groups of species can be recognized in Ludwigia: one includes L. octovalvis, L, hyssopifolia, L. epilobioides and L. ovalis presenting glycoflavones; and the other includes L. adscendens, L. peploides and L. perennis containing flavonols based on kaempferol, quercetin and myricetin. Most of the flavonols are 3-0-monoglycosides, whereas a suggested compound quercetin 3'-O-diglucoside is found mainly in the leaf of L. perennis. The phylogeny and systematic relationships within this genus are discussed.
Other Identifiers: 85CDE1F4-143A-D2AE-DBE2-FA2E69DE0E7F
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