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Title: 唐賦節日遊藝書寫─以千秋節為主的考察
Other Titles: The Composition of Festivities and Entertainment of Festivals in the Tang Dynasty Fu -A Study Based on Chien-Chiu (Qian-Qiu) Festival
Authors: 黃水雲
Huang, Shui-yun
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 唐代為中國歲時節日發展中一個承先啟後的重要時期,它將節日從原始崇拜禁忌的神秘氣氛中解放出來,轉為娛樂型和禮儀型的特徵,成為真正的良辰佳節。經濟、文化的高度發展,節日內容的日益豐富多彩,把遊藝雜技活動推向了高峰,而成為賦家創作的重要題材之一。與前代相較,唐代不僅承襲了傳統的節日,更有許多新創製的節日,如皇帝誕節、中和節、降聖節、佛誕節等。尤其唐玄宗誕節─千秋節日之雜技遊藝活動,往往成為唐代賦家的題材。賦作中之繩技、竿技與馬技等雜技遊藝書寫,不僅反映了唐王朝之興盛,亦豐富了當時以及後代文化藝術活動的開展,影響了文化藝術領域內的創造,具有深層的政治與文化心理意涵。由於節日中之雜技遊藝活動在賦家的書寫下,既擴大了辭賦內容題材的創作內涵,也豐富了古代之節慶文化,其所呈現之特殊審美風貌,應有其一定的意義與價值。
Tang Dynasty was a critical period in Chinese seasonal festivals. It liberated festivals fromaboriginal taboo worship and made them auspicious ones with the entertainment and etiquettecharacteristic. Given the exuberant economics and culture development and the increasingvariegation content of festivals, folk entertainment reached its peak development and became animportant subject of fu-composition.Compared to its previous dynasties, Tang Dynasty not only upheld the traditional festivalsbut created new ones such as Emperor Birthday, Chung-Ho Festival, Lao-Zi Birthday, BuddhaBirthday, etc. Particularly, the Chien-Chiu (Qian-Qiu) Festival (i.e., Tang Xuan Zong’ Birthday)were often the main writing materials for Tang Dynasty fu-poets. Their writings, e.g., rope show,pole show, rodeos, etc., not only reflected the prosperity of Tang Dynasty but furnished thedevelopment of art and cultural activities at that time and later time. Furthermore, this kind ofcomposition influenced art and cultural creation and deeply enhanced psychological meanings ofpolitics and culture. Since the fu-composition on festivities extended the subjects of Chineseclassic poetry and enriched festival culture, its special aesthetics is surely meaningful andvaluable.
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