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Title: 從典範轉移論惠棟之《周易本義辨證》
Authors: 張素卿
Chang, Su-ching
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 清乾嘉之學以「漢學」思潮為主流,惠棟(1697-1758)是推動典範轉移的關鍵人物。他有一系列《易》學著述,其中《周易本義辨證》成書較早,針對朱熹(1130-1200)《周易本義》加以辨析參證,表彰其「復古」,更旁通於「漢學」,藉此消解「宋學」之權威。以此為先導,其後《易漢學》、《周易述》乃正式為清代「漢學」之《易》學著述開山。
When the Qian-Jia School paradigm for study of the Classics formally turned towards HanLearning, Hui Dong was the key figure. His series of studies of the studies on the Yi(易),including reconstructions, philology, phonology, led to his composition of newsubcommentaries based on Han scholars’ study of original meanings. The earliest of these, the Zhouyi Benyi Bianzheng(周易本義辨證), was especially directed at questionable aspects of Zhu Xi’s Yijing Ben Yi, supported by additional references to put forth the idea of a return toantiquity to further the Han Learning movement. This attack on the established position of Song learning began a new direction in studies of the Yi. Subsequently, his Yi Hanxue(易漢學)and Zhouyi Shu(周易述)re-established the primacy of the Han Learning scholarship during the Qing.
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