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Title: 杜運燮與吳進──一個跨國文學史的案例
Other Titles: Du Yun Xie and Wu Jin: A Case of a Transnational Literary History
Authors: 鍾怡雯
Choong, Yee-voon
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文論述九葉詩派詩人杜運燮(吳進)的「雙重(故鄉/國籍)文學身份」個案,兼討論馬華文學史的複雜而多樣,以及馬華文學史的研究問題。杜運燮以吳進的筆名所寫的《熱帶風光》體現了一個時代的氛圍,牽動的是四、五○年代那一輩華人的家國經驗,他們跟馬來亞和中國的情感糾葛。全球化時代之前,馬華作家的(被迫)流動和遷徙,跟當代作家自由/自主的移動並不相同,本文試圖還原那個時代氛圍,並給予合理的解釋。其次,《熱帶風光》的誕生,跟當時的文學論爭有密切的關係。被英殖民政府強迫離開新加坡後,基本上,杜運燮進入中國現代文學史,至於吳進,則留給了馬華文學史。然而,一直到今天為止,馬華文學忽略了杜運燮為數頗豐的寫馬來亞的詩歌,他一度被視為南來文人。至於中國文學史則忽略了他寫馬來亞的詩,以及馬華作家的身份。杜運燮在中國現代文學史的位置大抵已定論,在馬華文學史卻仍待我們給予合理的位置。
This article discusses about the "dual (home / nationality) literary identities" case of Du Yun Xie (Wu Jin) - poet of the “nine leaves” sect, at the same time discusses about the complexity,diversity and research issues in history of Malaysia Chinese literature. The View of Tropical written by Du Yun Xie under the pseudonym of Wu Jin reflects the atmosphere of an era, narrates the experiences at “home” & “country” of the Chinese in the 50s and their emotional entanglements in between Malaya & China. Prior to the era of globalization, the (forced) movement and migration of Malaysian Chinese writers are different from the freedom / autonomy movement of contemporary writers. This article attempts to restore the atmosphere of that era and given together with a series of reasonable explanations. Secondly, the publication of The View of Tropical is closely related to the literary debates of that time. Banished by the British colonial government to leave Singapore, Du Yun Xie then joined with the modern Chinese literature while Wu Jin left behind with the Malaysian Chinese literature. Malaysian Chinese literature however,ignored the mast contribution of Du Yun Xie towards Malayan poetries. He was once recognized as “authors from China”. On the contrary, his Malayan poetries and identity as Malaysian Chinese writer was ignored in Mainland China’s Chinese literature. Du Yun Xie has attained the conclusive position in modern Mainland China’s Chinese literature. His reasonable position in Malaysian Chinese literature however, still pending for declaration by us.
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