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Title: 姚際恆《詩經通論》的《詩》教觀及其反漢學色彩
Other Titles: The view of moral education of Shi Jing and the characteristics of the anti-Han school of Yao Ji-Heng Shi Jing Tong Lun
Authors: 黃忠慎
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 姚際恆與崔述、方玉潤並稱為清代獨立治《詩》三大家,三人三書都有強烈的批判性,其中尤以姚際恆《詩經通論》為最。姚際恆對於歷代的解《詩》成果都不滿意,愈是權威性的、典範性的著作,愈容易成為姚氏的批評對象,於是,完成於漢代的《毛詩》學派解詩系統--《詩序》、《毛傳》、鄭《箋》成為姚氏首要推翻的《詩》學文本。本文分析姚際恆《詩經通論》的《詩》教觀及其反漢學色彩,歸結出姚氏批評《詩序》、《毛傳》、鄭《箋》的內容,也針對這些內容進行評論,最後並指出姚書解釋意涵中的漢學風味,以突顯出該書的一大特色。
Yao Ji-Heng and Cui-Su, Fang Yu-run were called the three masters of Shijing in Qing Dynasty .They had the most independent spirit in their research .They had a strong critical character in their books, Yao Ji-Heng Shi Jing Tong Lun especially. The more authoritative and paradigmatic those works are, the more easily they tend to be the object of Yao Ji-Heng's criticism.In this paticular intepretation of the viewpoint, the Han Dynasty, Mao School representatives----Shi Xu,Mao Chuan,Zheng Jian, as the target that Yao Ji-Heng wanted to overthrow. In this thesis, we analyzed the view of moral education of Shi Jing and the anti-Han school feature of Yao Ji-Heng, generalized and remarked the work of Yao's criticizing Shi-Xu,Mao-Chuan,Zheng-Jian. In the end we pointed out the Han school savor of the intention in Yao's explanation,in order to highlight the clearest character of Yao's book.
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