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Title: 動物朋友的贈禮:拜訪黑猩猩對志工環境認同與解說的影響
Gifts from Animal Friends: The Influence of Visiting Chimpanzees on Volunteers’ Environmental Identity and Interpretation
Authors: 王順美
LIN, Meng-Hua
Keywords: 解說志工
interpretative volunteer
environmental identity
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 都市化使我們的生活更加舒適便利,卻也將人們從自然環境中抽離,如今動物園和水族館已成為現代人和野生動物接觸的主要管道。由於動物能給予直接而快速的行為反應,有助於我們思考自然與動物的價值,因此動物也適合作為重新連結人與自然的橋樑。本研究以參與2015年臺北市立動物園「與黑猩猩建立友好關係」研究計劃的12位解說志工為研究對象,從12位解說志工的經驗出發,探討拜訪黑猩猩的經驗和動物園內的社會文化,如何改變他們的「環境認同」及對解說的看法與作法。 研究結果發現,參與志工的環境認同,以及對解說的看法與作法皆有所改變。透過定期的拜訪與互動,志工們對黑猩猩與動物產生了正向的情感連結,並深刻地體會到人與黑猩猩、與動物的相似,從而開啟了許多與自然、動物的社會與道德價值相關的反思。反思的內容顯示出志工們的環境認同受到拜訪黑猩猩的影響,與自然的關係更拉近了一步。更重要的是,志工們的感受與反思並不只局限於思想上,而是在解說策略上、生活行為上、對動物的態度與行為上都有所轉變。
As the trend of urbanization, people have lived more convenience and comfortable lives, and yet separating us from nature, leaving zoos and aquariums becoming our main access to wildlife. Comparing to the other components of nature, animals give more directly responds to human’s interaction behaviors. Therefore, animals may become a bridge reconnecting human and nature, helping people to think about the values of animals and nature. This study is based on the experiences of 12 zoo volunteers who participated a research project “Building Relationship with Chimpanzees”, sponsored by Taipei Zoo in 2015, and exploring how visiting chimpanzees and the social interactions in zoo change their environmental identity and interpretation. Regularly visiting chimpanzees arouse volunteers’ positive emotion and reflection, including the interrelationship among human and other animals and nature, similarity between human and chimpanzees, and social and moral values of nature and animals. The content of volunteers’ reflections show that their environmental identity were influenced by the experiences of visiting chimpanzees, making their relations to nature more closely. More importantly, the feelings and reflections of volunteers are not just limited to the mind, instead, they changed their way in interpretation, life behaviors, and attitudes and behaviors toward animals.
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