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Title: 『原住民科學』之探索與學習: 以蘭嶼達悟族為例
Authors: 蔡慧敏
Keywords: 蘭嶼
native science
traditional wisdom
science education
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract:   臺灣島是多元民族共同生活的地方,生活在島上的各族群,數千年來為了適應環境以求生存的,各自發展出許多獨特知識體系及文化內涵。達悟族世代居住在蘭嶼島,其為適應環境衍生出來的傳統文化及知識獨樹一幟,受位置孤立影響,傳統文化較晚受到外來衝擊,是臺灣各原住民族中保存最完整者,長期受到國內外學者關注。然隨著外來文化與經濟開發的影響,蘭嶼達悟族面臨語言、原住民科學智慧與傳統文化快速流失的困境。幸而近年來臺灣社會重視多元文化發展,及少數民族環境智慧與傳統文化的重要性,加上原住民族自我意識抬頭,原住民知識份子興起,使原住民之傳統文化與科學智慧逐漸獲得社會的珍視與尊重。   本研究將運用文件分析、訪談和觀察的方式,針對已有文件進行分析與歸納,再蒐集部落居民的意見相映證,以瞭解蘭嶼達悟族原住民科學智慧之內涵,及其傳統學習型態與學習歷程,並瞭解蘭嶼達悟族對在地環境學習場域的想法與需求。   為方便結果呈現,本研究將達悟族傳統原住民科學智慧分為海洋、陸地及日常生活等三類知識體系,實際上在達悟族的日常生活中,此三類知識體系彼此是相輔相成,無法分割的。達悟族的傳統學習型態則分別針對傳承的來源與學習的方式進行探討,並發現其學習歷程具年齡階段性及性別分工的特徵。   本研究希望以藉由探討達悟族傳統智慧內涵及傳統學習模式,作為蘭嶼將來發展在地發展環境學習場域之參考素材,以達成傳統文化的保存與再傳承。
Taiwan is a place of diverse people living together, the various people living on the island for thousands of years, in order to adapt to the environment in order to survive, each developed many unique knowledge systems and cultural connotations. Tau family lived for generations in Lanyu Island, its unique traditional culture and knowledge to adapt to the environment derived affected by the location of isolated, traditional culture is later exposed to external shocks, is the best preserved in Taiwan aborigines, has long been scholars pay close attention. The contingent with the influence of foreign culture and economic development, Tau faced with the predicament of rapid loss of language, native science wisdom and traditional culture. Fortunately, in recent years, Taiwan's social emphasis on multi-cultural development, and the importance of the environmental wisdom of ethnic minorities and traditional culture, plus aboriginal self-consciousness, the rise of indigenous intellectuals, social treasured their traditional culture and native science wisdom gradually and respect.   This study will use document analysis, interviews, and observation methods for the analysis and summarize existing file, and then collect the views of the residents matched tribal card, in order to understand the Tau aboriginal science connotation of wisdom, and their traditional learning state and learning process. And understanding the Tau tribe on Lanyu environmental learning in the ground field thoughts and needs.   For the convenience of the results presented in this study will reach the traditional aboriginal Tau scientific wisdom into the ocean, land and other categories of knowledge everyday life, in fact Tau’s daily life, this three types of knowledge are complementary to each other, and can’t be separated. Tau traditional learning styles were the sources for the heritage and learning ways to explore and discover their learning experience with the age and gender division stage characteristics.   This study hopes to explore Tau by conventional wisdom connotation and traditional learning model, as developed in the future development of Lanyu environmental learning field reference material in order to achieve the preservation of traditional culture and re-transmission.
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